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Contentful follows an API-first approach, which means that all of its functionality is provided by an API.

This enables you to:

  • Modify data schemas or configure a webhook through the Content Management API
  • Deliver cross-channel content through the Content Delivery API
  • Preview unpublished content through the Content Preview API
  • Resize, crop, or re-compress images through the Images API

api first

Contentful is a content infrastructure, so there is no templating or presentation layer tied to the content. Instead, a developer has total freedom when it comes to the build of an application that consumes and presents content from Contentful. This also allows you to decouple your applications from Contentful's services.

Contentful has minimal requirements:

  • Support for HTTP
  • Parsing of JSON

Beyond that, you are free to choose any technology you want.

Diagram: JSON delivered multi platform
Contentful's APIs send data in JSON format which enables cross channel distribution of content.
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