Vendors By Vesicash

Vendors By Vesicash is a directory of verified Nigerian Social Commerce Businesses

What is Social Commerce?

Social Commerce is the use of social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to sell products. Social Commerce is the fastest growing form of e-commerce in Nigeria due to its low barrier to entry.

Why Vendors by Vesicash?

As Social Commerce grows in Nigeria, so do the instances of unsuspecting individuals falling prey to scammers posing as Social Commerce merchants. Tales of people losing their hard-earned money to these unsavoury characters are familiar, and most of us have witnessed such cases firsthand.

Nevertheless, there are forthright Businesses on these social media platforms who have proven to be reliable and trustworthy. Vendors by Vesicash aims to present you with these trustworthy merchants and make sure Shoppers are always dealing with the ‘good guys’.

How to use Vendors By Vesicash

As a Buyer
Simply enter the social media handle or email address of a merchant you’re considering making a purchase from. Take a look at their profile, read reviews, and if you like what you see, go ahead and hit the Create a Transaction button and create a secure escrow transaction for your order, safe in the knowledge that your funds will be held securely until you receive your order as expected. Don’t forget to leave a review to about your experience after your transaction!

As a merchant
As a merchant, hit the Get Listed button or visit Trizact to sign up as a Vendor. Once, that’s done, comlete your profile by providing your social media details, as well as other necessary information and voila!, you’re listed. Vendors by Vesicash gives your Business visibility and increases your reach to potential customers. Complete transactions and build your track record to foster customer loyalty and brand awareness. Follow the steps

About Vesicash

Vesicash is Nigeria’s premiere digital escrow service provider, provisioning digital escrow functionality for a wide array of use cases. Vesicash’s proprietary digital escrow technology serves as the trust componet that allows strangers transact securely and with peace of mind.